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    Story of Jammu
    Place of peace and Tranquility
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    Rut Rahde
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    Hari Singh
    with his family
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    Mubharakh mandi
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    Gen. Zorawar Singh
    The great Dogra warrior
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    Basohli Painting
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    Brig. Rajinder Singh
    First MVC of Independent India
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    Jamadar Parkash Singh. VC
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    Gen. Baj Singh
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    Coronation ceremony of Maharaja Gulab Singh
    Jiya Pota Ghat

Jammu Oral History

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It is said that history belongs to whoever holds the pen and this has given rise to many debates regarding the versions that come down to us as History. Caught in the matrix of power, historiography and narrative, we forget that a lot of history of the people is also in the 'story' of the people: their memories, their narratives, their experiences of an era is as much history as the one contained in the officially sanctioned books. The westerners thought that India doesn't have history as our concept of Itihas did not match their concept of history. However, our Itihas precedes theirs by thousands of years and is contained in everything right from scriptures to tales to songs. The history of Jammu is also such. Hardly available as a recorded written document, most of thehistory of the region lies in the memory of its people, their rituals, songs, stories, beliefs and practices.With a view to record those facts it is felt to have an oral history before it is lost, hence this website "Jammu Oral History" to garner whatever material is available before it is lost. It includes all aspects of Dogras life including culture, language, literature and also links with the Dogras anywhere settled in India or Abroad. As it is your story we welcome all contributions from you on any of the aspects in this website. Kindly mail them to

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DR. Karan Singh

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Dr. Karan Singh applauding Dogra martial tradition

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Dr. Karan Singh's blessings for the team JOH

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