About Dogra Soldiers

“The Dogra proved himself yet again a hardened and courageous fighter. Like his predecessors,
he has been proud of his military heritage and has shown himself well versed in the art of war. Nor did 
he fail to live up to his old age reputation of combining courage with modesty and good manners 
as a gentleman should.… 	I know from personal experience… the Dogras… have added lustre to the 
pages of history of both their own Regiment and of the Indian Army.”
                                                               Field Marshal Sir William Slim

The Dogras perhaps till today one of the purest larger Aryan clans of India. Their qualities of head 
and heart, their traits of gallantry, chivalry, bravery, steadfast and cool courage, valour, honesty,
loyalty, dependability and truthfulness make them much sought after and exclusive soldiers. While 
most soldiers must and do display valour, what makes a Dogra stand out is his quality of disciplined 
valour. A Dogra never loses balance either in victory or in reverse. He is fearless against a tough 
adversary, staunch un tight situations and displays contempt for fear and death.

The historical record of the Dogra soldiery is truly a saga of gallantry, valour and strident courage of 
these gentlemen soldiers of the Indian Army.